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Wed, Dec 7, 2016 5:31 AM


I found how to configure AAA proxy-mode for 802.1x in vSZ-H.

Hi everyone.

I have found this setting to AAA-proxy for 802.1x  in vSZ-H.

I finally found it.

I have attached a snapshot for this setting.



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4 years ago

That's great Jeronimo, thanks for sharing!

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3 years ago

Thanks! this is helpful.

Quick q. Other than managing so many different NAS clients, what are the positives of using the controller as a proxy for radius authentication?

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3 years ago

If APs are remote (such is in different country, for example) and vSZ is local on same network with Radius server, it makes a lot of sense. Communication from AP is transported securely over tunnel to vSZ, and it accesses Radius, it's much more stable and secure setup.
 Also, on big network number of AP may be more than number of connections Radius server supports.