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Mon, Nov 18, 2019 7:02 AM

How to use a patch/script as "SZ_System_Benchmark_Tool_1"?

Hi there.

I have a question that how do we use a patch/script as "SZ_System_Benchmark_Tool_1".

Though I had uploaded this script on SZ, there are just delete button.

Please let me know about it.

Thanks in advance.




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a year ago

Hello Jeronimo,

Once the patch is uploaded on the controller GUI, you would need to login to the controller CLI (SSH) and execute the below :

Ruckus01# debug
Ruckus01(debug-diagnostic)# exec SZ_System_Benchmark_Tool_1
Setup running...

1.) System Performance Qualification(CPU/IO)
2.) CPU benchmark
3.) IO benchmark

(WARNING: The option to stop all services can help for checking system capability
more precisely, but this action will impact overall controller operations and
new client connections. Please remember to start services again when finished.)
4.) Stop all services with maintenance mode
5.) Start all services with clear maintenance mode

Select Option (1-5):

Checking system capability, please wait this might take a while...
Checking CPU capability...
Checking IO capability with multiple files...

CPU Qualification: Passed
- Events per second: 262.45s (Need > 180)

IO Qualification(Multiple Files): Passed

- File Creation: 105.19 MiB/s (Need > 45 MiB/s)

Best Regards


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Wow. It's so cool.

Thanks for good answer.