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Thu, Nov 15, 2018 8:47 AM

How do I config to send Framed-MTU as Radius attribute to Radius Server?


We are having a problem about auth of 802.1x.

There ware deployed AeroHive.

We are trying to win-back to Ruckus APs.

Customer purchased SZ100 and some APs.

Aerohive aps are working no problem.

But Ruckus aps are not working during 802.1x process.

And We try to same using Ruckus standalone AP, that's good working.

Only AP connected SZ is not working for 802.1x wlan.

I found  after supplicant snend aaa server client hello , server hello/certificates as payload of a tls-packet is dropping.

In some article, I read it's relateting to Framed-MTU attribute.

Ruckus APs don't send Framed-MTU.

How do I configure FRAMED-MTU on AP or SZ?

Anyone know about it?


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2 years ago

Hi Jeronimo,

Can you please the packet captures to analyze the issue in depth.


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Could you give me email address for sharing dump file?