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Mon, Nov 16, 2015 2:18 AM

How do I check which SZ an AP is connected to?


My cumster have 150 aps managed SZ cluster.(They have 2 SZs)

Some APs of them are connected SZ1 or SZ2.

How do I check which SZ  an AP is connected to?

I can't find it.

Plz let me know about it.



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5 years ago

Hello Hyosang,

Under Monitor section, select the Access Points option and you will see a list of them.  Look towards the right and you will see a column titled "CP Name".  This is the control plane they are connected to, or the SZ.

You can also go to the AP directly and see this information under "Status Summary"

Hope this helps.



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5 years ago

Hi Dionis.

I cannot find information you give me.

CP name is not exist.

I don't want to go to ap directly and see this information.

Because, when it deployed many aps, it was very difficult.

I cannot find yet ap-list column in monitor section.

I need it.