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Wed, May 20, 2015 5:32 PM


How can change the system name in vSCG?

We need to change the name of the vSCG controller. Initially, it was a DEMO installation, but we purchased a valid license to get a operational mode to the end clients.
How can we change the system name?


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5 years ago

Hi Alejandro,
    You can change your vSCG 'hostname', but not a cluster name.
To change your vSCG hostname:

1.  Login to your vSCG (or SCG/SZ100)
2.  Go to Enable mode:  enable
3.  Go to Config mode:   config
4.  Configure new hostname:   hostname
        Warning: this will reset some system services, ok to continue (yes/no)?
5.  Enter 'yes'

You will see the hostname updated.

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10 months ago

Is there no way to rename the cluster at all? I have a VSZ-High Scale cluster and our organization has changed its name, I really need to change the cluster name accordingly, please advise.


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10 months ago

Hi Anthony,

Try the below steps

Kindly find the below command to change the Cluster name.

ruckus(config)# cluster-name
example : ruckus(config)# cluster-name ruckus

Here are the steps.

>>> If it is a single node then it is fine.

>>> If you have Leader and Follower, first login to the Leader, change the cluster name from the command cluster-name

>>>All the services on both the controller will restart.

>>>Once the restart is done, check the cluster information on the GUI and check if the leader and follower remains the same.

Please perform this operation during downtime.