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Wed, Apr 4, 2018 1:30 PM


Hello everybody, have a question about Logout page in a Captive Portal external (hotspot wispr). If user on an iPhone connects via browser session data are saved (as UE-MAC and UE-IP), but if he logs via Captive Network Assistant ... data are not saved locally on the device. Is there any way to retrieve them from the client to build a logoff page?





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3 years ago

Captive Network Assistant feature unnecessitates opening a browser and causes the device to automatically prompt the user to provide credentials using a pseudo browser. As you can see this is a great feature and takes out lot of confusion from user's point of view. But it can create couple of issues and Apart from that CNA pop is not a fully functional browser.

Most clients do not even attempt to logoff. They simply shut their laptop, put their iPhone away, etc. But, if clients want to ‘gracefully’ logoff, they actually have to open a browser to portal page and click on the Logout button. 

How is user session data is saved on other browsers like google chrome,Firefox ?

We suggest you to log a ticket with Ruckus Support Team and they will try to help you to retrieve the info if possible from our end.

Ravi Teja