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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 5:42 PM

Different dataplane firmware version after replacing SCG200 in a cluster

We have clustered two SCG 200 and due to a failure in a dataplane we have replace the faulty unit to a new SCG200. After integrating the new device with working SCG ( before replace the new device firmware has upgrade to compatible with the existing SCG) we see the dataplane firmware is different with the existing SCG. New SCG dataplane firmware version is lower than the older SCG dataplane. Need to know why there is a difference?

Command show version output same version in both SCGs, but under cluster planes it shows different firmware versions in dataplane.


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9 months ago

I don't know how physical controller SCG200 with built-in dataplane can have different than controller version.
What version of code are you running please?  What info are you seeing with differing DP version (I may not
be aware of)? 

In latest SmartZone releases for SCG200, the SCG and DP versions were the same.  In much earlier releases
we did have different version for DP, ie.

Controller Version:

Control Plane Software Version:

Firmware Version:

 and no
mention of Dataplane...


If I
look back at SZ 3.6 (GA) Release Notes I see:

SCG 200

Controller Version:

Control Plane Software Version:

Firmware Version:


But back
to SZ 3.1.2p2 Release Notes, I see:

Release Information

SCG-200 system version:

Control plane software version:

plane software version:

firmware version:

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8 months ago

Hi Michael,

On both SCG200 s the firmware version same as below.

   Model                           : SCG200
   SCG Version                     :
   Control Plane Software Version  :
   Data Plane Software Version     :
   AP Firmware Version             :

But when check the Dataplance firmware version from cluster plane is different.