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Wed, Jan 12, 2022 4:34 AM

Controller Upgrade

when upgrade the wireless controller will wifi go offline?

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15 d ago

Hi @rahulan_jay,

If you are talking about ZD/Unleashed setup. Yes, there would be downtime of about 30 minutes, as APs upgrade their firmware as well.

In vSZ/SZ-100/144/300 platform there won't be downtime unless you have tunneled WLANs and Proxy Dot1x Authentication. The AP zone can be upgraded off hours.

Hope this answers your question!



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15 d ago

Hi @rahulan_jay 

While the controller is upgrading, the AP continues to serve the clients (that doesn't need vSZ to proxy any request) since you have to manually upgrade the AP zones to upgrade the APs.However, once the vSZ is upgraded and you upgrade the APs, AP’s will reboot during the upgrade stage and there will be client disconnection/downtime. By default in AP group/zone  the AP Reboot timeout is set as 30 min if vsz not reachable, You might need to increase this timeout depending upon the Network before upgrade.

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