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Sun, Nov 25, 2018 2:32 PM

AP reboot alarms

Hi all,

We have a SZ100 controller with 120 APs ( R310) on some AP's we see many alarms 
with following message 
AP was rebooted by the system [application, wsgclient, reboot due to ipmode change]

APs with this alarm go offline for a period then come online 

What does ipmode change mean ?

All AP's and controller are within the same subnet , all getting there IP from a DHCP server . DHCP lease time is set to 7 days . APs correctly get the IP addresses.

Management VLAN is set to 1



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2 years ago

Maybe these are v4 vice v6 mode - advanced configuration of APs network settings/ Device IP mode. As I know this mode must be the same within all the cluster (IP v4 only, IPv4&ipv6 only, etc). AP must getting these tuning from controller & not put it from their own settings.