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Fri, May 11, 2018 4:36 AM

Spark Master goes down after upgrading to SCI 5.0.

Atfter upgrading SCI from 3.x to 5.0, Spark Master goes down.

How do I recover it?

How do i check which deamon is problem?

If I can check a problem. How do I restart the daemon?





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3 years ago

sudo docker ps to check the status of active daemons

Please reboot the master and data nodes once and check if Spark master is reachable.

sudo reboot

If still have issues, request you to contact Ruckus Support Team.

Ravi Teja

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3 years ago

Hi Ravi.

I don't know about the daemons well.

From below, Which deamon have to alive?

And I tried to reboot twice.

But it has same problem still.


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3 years ago

Hi Jeronimo

As Ravi mentioned, please contact Ruckus Support via so they can assist you.