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Tue, Mar 27, 2018 5:57 AM

SCI shows us "Your Spark cluster was unable to accept a job submission".

Hi Team.

Out SCI for demo shows us Your Spark cluster (Spark master IP: was unable to accept a job submission.

How do we solve it when it happens?





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3 years ago

Hi Jeronimo,  please reach out to customer support. They should be able to assist you with it.

Which version of SCI are you using?


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3 years ago

Has there been updates to this case for a resolution? I am receiving this same error message!

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Our SCI is for Demo.

I tried to fresh-install as ver 5.0.

I am observing whether it happens same or not at ver 5.0 too.

If I meet same issue again, I'll open a case.


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If you ever encounter this issue on a version pre 5.0 please contact support who would be able restore your SCI to working and should see stats in, this is important as it would lose the data that is coming from vSZ/SZ and would not be able to recover this data in future. In post 5.0 there is an auto recover function in place so you would not encounter this issue.

Abilash PR.