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Mon, Mar 5, 2018 8:33 AM

Applications data reporting on SCG 200 v3.4

Hello there,

Is application data reporting supported on SCG? Below is the current version of our SCG planes and our SCI version 3.6.0 - The application report is blank not sure if it is a configuration issue or a firmware version issue.. 
Controller Version
Control Plane Software Version
Data Plane Software Version

Kindly assist.


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3 years ago

when you are referring to application data report, are you talking about  "Application Recognition and Control (ARC)"...??

I am using Vsz, i can see this feature but no reporting in it



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3 years ago

Hi Themba, application data is supported in SZ 3.4.1. Please check if "Enable SCI reporting" is checked on the controller and the SCI details are provided there.

Also please ensure that port 1883 is open on SCI for incoming traffic.


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3 years ago

Also, application reporting is not supported in SCG200 in 3.4.1. It is first supported in 3.5.x releases (it is supported on SZ100/vSZ-E in 3.4) 

If your product supports app recognition, it must be enabled at the WLAN level. If you don't have it enabled there, then you will not find data in SCI.