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Fri, Mar 3, 2017 11:56 PM

Announcement: SCI 2.5 (GA) is now Available on Support

     Ruckus Smart CellInsight (SCI) teamsworked hard to develop and are happy to announce

this SCI 2.5 (GA) release.  Here are the Support page URLsto documentation and firmware 

that can be sharedwith customers. 


Smart Cell Insight (SCI) version2.5 (GA) Release Notes


Smart Cell Insight (SCI) version2.5 (GA) Installation Guide


Smart Cell Insight (SCI) version2.5 (GA) User Guide


Smart Cell Insight (SCI) version2.5 (GA) API User Guide


SCI 2.5 (GA) Software Release(.ova.tar image)


SCI 2.5 (GA) Software Release(.qcow.tgz image)


SCI 2.5 (GA) Software Release(Local Updater image)


New Features

·        Data Explorer now hasminimum, maximum and average metrics for traffic rate and client count.

·        Support for SmartZone3.5 GA when it becomes available.



·        Added 1 minutegranularity to report filters

·        15 minutes and hourgranularities are now restricted to range lesser than (<) 1 week or 1 monthrespectively


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