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Wed, Oct 26, 2016 4:18 AM



In AP based 104.x , how to join SZ100!!.

Hi dear.

Recently, Ruckus released 104.x version for AP.

Discovery configration is different  the version between previously version.

It assume you have AP based 104.x.

If you want to join ZD, you must configure it as "set director ip x.x.x.x".

If you want to join SZ, you must configure it as "set scg ip x.x.x.x" not "set director ip .x.x.x.x"

At previously version, you must conffigure it as " set director ip x.x.x.x" in order to join SZ.

But at 104.x version, you would fail to join SZ if you configure like above.

Be carefully...

104.x f/w have all joining option for ZD and SZ.

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Yes, thank you.

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