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Tue, May 23, 2017 1:13 AM


Does SZ support LACP using 2x eth port or 4x ethport ?

Hi all.

SZ100 have four eth port.

I wonder SZ100 could lacp using his ports.

Does SZ100 support LACP using his 2x eth port or 4 x eth port?

If it isn't available, Why SZ100 has four eth port?

Some customer want to bind port using lacp to increase data-tunnel throughput.

Plz let me know about it.
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5 y ago

Product Line Management says no LACP on SZ-100, at least until SZ 3.7 (maybe).

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Thanks Michael.

I got it.

When I tested lacp config on SZ100, it's happend loop port or stp block on port.

OK. I hope that it's available lacp ASAP.


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