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Thu, Sep 14, 2017 4:37 AM

Connecting wifi extender with Ruckus AP

I am trying to use TP Link TL-WA854RE with Ruckus AP.
AP is controller managed AP. I have tried disabling directedDHCP as well.
How can I check whether this model is compatible or not with Ruckus APs?
Can I use portal based SSIDs?
Once I try to connect I get error in mobile 'failed to obtain IP address'


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4 y ago

I have experienced same issue.

We found other symptoms besides these symptoms.

When a device(TP-link) roams from A(AP) to B(AP),

the device doesn't update ARP, or the device doesn't get ip form dhcp.

I'm suspicious funtions which converts arp broadcast to unicast or dhcp broadcat to uncast, or multicast to unicast.

How does those disable?


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