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Thu, Nov 5, 2020 1:08 PM

5 GHz / 2.4 GHz

hi, please tell me how to enable only 2.4 GHz in ZoneDirector for a certain network. and for another 5 GHz? 

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1 y ago

Hi There,

You have to play with AP group and WLAN group settings.

  1. Go to WLANs >> Create two WLAN groups. "2.4G_Only and "5G_Only".
  2. Now add desired WLANs to these WLAN group (2.4 WLANs to 2.4G_Only WLAN group and 5G WLANs to "5G_Only" WLAN group).
  3. Go to Access points >> Edit the desired AP group (if you have not created additional AP groups then there will be just one "Default" AP group).
  4. In the AP group settings >> 2.4G radio settings >> Change the mapped WLAN from default to "2.4G_Only" and for 5G radio settings change it to "5G_Only" >> save the settings.
  5. Once done, selected WLANs under specific group will broadcast only to their respective band.
  6. If there is a WLAN which you wish to broadcast on both the radios, select it on both the WLAN groups.

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