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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 11:42 PM


WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise on one SSID, and DPSK dynamic VLANs

Are either of these features on the Unleashed roadmap? If so, is there any information on when they may be added?
  • Mixed authentication with WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise on a single SSID. Standalone and ZoneDirector can do this by setting 'auto' as the WPA2 type.
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment based on DPSK. ZoneDirector can do this; standalone doesn't support DPSK.
These features do not seem to be present in the latest R710 Unleashed firmware (


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2 years ago

Not sure about WPA2-PSK and Enterprise together, but DVLAN was not intended for use in Unleashed (single LAN) design.

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2 years ago

Unleashed actually does support DVLAN assignment over RADIUS (on Enterprise) now. I think it was a recent addition.