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Fri, Jul 21, 2017 2:20 AM

What do those messages mean on Unleashed AP?


My log server show those messages recieved from unleashed ap.

That is "fdb->dst is null, the dst mac (f8:e7:1e:xx:xx:xx) of the packet is the same as br's mac, something wrong?"

What means it?

And what is fdb?



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4 y ago

Hello Jeronimo,

   The 'fdb' is the AP's forwarding DB table.  When an AP receives a packet, it will try to add the MAC
into the table.  It seems a packet might have got corrupted, "fdb->dst is null", but this is a warning msg,
and not impacting the AP function. 

   Do you see these messages frequently, and/or are there any type of client problems associated?

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4 y ago

Hi Brado.

Thanks for reply.

We can see these messages per about 1 hours.

I am not yet recognize whether it effects client's association or not.


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1 y ago

Did this ever get solved? I have a ruckus r600 Unleashed that's doing the exact same thing.

In my case, this corrupt packet bubbles up to the DHCP server has a new request, which issues a new IP to the AP. After a while, the AP gets confused (since it is holding onto the old IP, but now has a new IP from the DHCP server).

...  and to resolve this weirdness, the AP has to reboot itself thereby losing network.

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