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Tue, Apr 26, 2016 3:17 AM

Unleashed solution, remote mangement and monitoring

I have Installed an Unleashed solution, I want to monitor and manage this solution remotely, but i cant do a Port Address translation, Do somebody know the rule for example in a mikrotik router to do this?


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5 years ago

just forward your port to unleashed master AP IP with https port 443 and everything is fine
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5 years ago

Good morning,

    But the Master AP can change, depending on network conditions...  Fabian, you would need to
be able to monitor all Unleashed AP IP addresses, in our current 200.1 firmware.  But, good news,
our next release of Unleashed 200.2 will introduce a Virtual IP (VIP) that all Unleashed APs will use
as their Master IP.  After this next release, you will be able to monitor the Unleashed VIP remotely
and always be looking at the active Master AP information.

   ... And, product marketing has introduced SNMP for Unleashed.  MIBs for current
are availble for download, and an SNMP Reference Guide is also available.

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5 years ago

Michael Thanks, Do Yo Know when is going to be released this 200.2 version?