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Sun, Jun 7, 2020 2:45 PM


Unleashed R500 and T610 firmware best practise

We want to add a  T610 to existing R500 access points running unleashed.

There are 5 x R500s currently on site, there are normally only 4 -6 users.

I notice the Latest unleashed firmware for the R500s is

The new T610 can run  or upgrade to

Is the best practise to run all units on the same firmware or to upgrade the T610 to

Many Thanks




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6 months ago

Hi Andrew,

In a single Unleashed network all APs need to run the same firmware.

Therefore if you want to run all your APs in a single Unleashed network you will need to run the older version of firmware that supports both AP model types.

Alternatively you can upgrade the R500 units to R510, which support the latest 200.8 version.

I hope that helps,