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Tue, May 3, 2016 5:55 AM

unleashed hotspotservice external login page

Hi everybody,

For an Unleashed network I want to configure a simple WISPr hostpot service with an external login page for username and password.
I have seen html code for this for ZD and VSCG controlled networks but not for Unleashed.
It seems the login page HTML code for the ZD controlled network does not work for Unleashed.
Anyone got this working?


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4 years ago

The example HotSpot code should work for ZD, SZ, or Unleashed application.
It might be worth opening a Tech Support ticket to investigate further.

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2 years ago

Simple form submit over HTTPS to the AP works for me. Give it a try.
https://[sip ip address]:9998/login”>

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2 years ago

You can use ZD html code for Unleashed.

Both is same.