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Tue, Jul 25, 2017 7:08 PM


Hi all,

We are have UNLEASHED controller-less setup.

Is it possible to generate report on a NMS (e.g. PRTG) for bandwidth usage per client via SNMP (OID providing such details)?


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3 years ago

Hello Paavan,

    I think all general SNMP based NMS can communicate with our Unleashed APs.
We've posted the lastest release of MIBs on the Support portal at this link:

    Please let us know if PRTG (specifically) sees what you're looking for?  Thanks.

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3 years ago

Hi Michael,

Yes i agree, all NMS supporting SNMP should be able to communicate with the APs after SNMP is configured. 

But I wanted to know if we can get bandwidth usage per client.

I've analysed the MIB provided but can't find OID for bandwidth stats per station. 

I'll test with PRTG and revert back.