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Fri, Oct 6, 2017 11:52 AM

Unleashed - Captive portal only work on Default VLAN

I'm having a problem after update to version 200.5 of Unleashed .

Every time I create a hotspot or captive portal, in a VLAN different than 1, the clients are redirected to admin page of unleashed (https://) insted of the captive portal.

However, if I use VLAN 1 everything works. Before update, in version 200.4, Captive/Hotspot worked in every VLAN that I set.

Any Ideas?



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3 years ago


   Our engineering/QA teams have been unable to reproduce your issue on 200.4 or 200.5 versions,
and ask if you would please open a ticket with Support for more details on your environment?  Thanks! 

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3 years ago

I can confirm this is indeed occurring on 200.5.x