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Thu, Jul 12, 2018 12:09 PM

T310c unleashed

Im trying to install a T310c in an unleashed network ( with a mix of R310, T301s and T300 )
T310 is preloaded with unleashed software, existing network has
Normally ( at least as I remember it ) a new ap loads with same sw as the other ap:s. 
This one don ́t. it starts up a new unleashed network. Id rather not upgrade the other ap:s ( but I might have to ?


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3 years ago


You need to upgrade your current installation to a more recent version of unleashed software.

The version you are running on the other AP's is not supported on the T310 as that is a recent released AP.


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3 years ago

Thanks Martin, I will upgrade. Had a lot of problems the last time we upgraded, thats why I havent already done that. br Thomas