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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 3:58 PM

Ruckus Unleashed Wi-Fi Calling

I'm working on a request from a client that we recently acquired.  They have several R310 WAPs with Ruckus Unleashed  200.5  .  They are not able to do any WiFi calling at the moment.  I have searched the existing settings and I have not been able to locate any settings for WiFi calling.  I read through the release note for the later releases but I do not see any information about WiFi calling.  I am wondering if WiFi calling is possible with Ruckus Unleashed?  Thank you in advance.  


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2 months ago

Hi there,

WiFi calling settings were added in 200.9 version of Unleashed.

R310 cannot be upgrade beyond 200.7, hence these settings will not be available for these APs.

WiFi calling settings on APs/controller just improves the VoWiFi quality and call handling. However, you should still be able to use WiFi calling, as long as your mobile phone support it.

If you are having trouble with VoWiFi, check if your ISP's ePDG gateway is reachable when you are connected to the WiFi. When you enable VoWiFi on your handset, it tries to reach ePDG gateway to resolve it's IP address and then establish ISAKMP tunnel with ePDG gateway and ESP(Encapsulating Security Payload) packets then will be sent to the ISP gateway.



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In plain English should be UDP port 500 and UDP 4500 are allowed to access yo your carrier's ePDG gateway, check your router/firewall to make sure both ports are allowed to pass through from your WiFi connection.

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I have been using WiFi calling for years.

More often the problem is the routing or the ISP.

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2 months ago

R310 is supported up to 200.7 firmware. If I am not wrong WIFI calling have appeared in Unleashed 200.9, not sure if it is in 200.8. Anyway if you want to use anything beyond 200.8 firmware you need 802.11ac Wave2 devices like R320, R510 etc. or the new WIFI6 one like R550, R650 etc...