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Wed, Dec 6, 2017 3:27 PM

Ruckus Unleashed SNMP Traps Not Sending

Hi All,

I am trying to configure a Ruckus Unleashed setup to send SNMP traps to a trap server, but I cannot get it to work. The trap server is configured properly, as is the Unleashed.

From reading other posts concerning this issue, I believe the Unleashed cannot send SNMP traps to a server off-network. Every post I have seen and the testing I've done with support has been with an Unleashed and a trap server on the same network.

The Unleashed is not blocked by a firewall and can ping the trap server IP. Has anybody successfully configured an Unleashed to send SNMP traps to a trap server not on the same network?



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3 years ago

Ruckus Support, was there ever a resolution to this?

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10 months ago

is this true? snmp traps must be sent to the same local subnet?   (im seeing the same issue as OP when using a public IP as the trap target on a unleashed setup)  thanks