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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 3:28 PM

Ruckus R310 Unleashed security


My customer has a R310 Unleashed cluster , an 7150-C12P switch and a very basic router to access internet. This is a hospitality solution (shelter for 20 people), all WiFi clients use the same SSID.

What is the best way to improve security, my customer knows that clients try to hack other clients all the time, because they are in the same LAN/VLAN.

There is no IT staff on-site, and people want to connect their clients (including Chromecast devices etc) instantly.

Please, advice!

Thanx, John


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2 months ago

One simple suggestion is to turn on Wireless Client Isolation. This prevents one WiFi device from connecting to another WiFi device through the Ruckus.

Because it is a multi-AP installation, you actually need to isolate from all hosts on same VLAN/subnet and not just on the same AP, but this requires whitelisting the router (and other IPs needed to access the internet).

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2 months ago

Hi  john_van_de_graaf

You can simply isolate the clients so that clients will not communicate with each-other.

To do that.
Go to 1. Wi-Fi networks - 2. select advance options - 3. then select the check box of client isolation.


if you want any specific guests to connect each-other, you can simply create a whitelist so they can do so.

Good luck.



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I have an additional question about white listing. Is it possible to give individual clients access to a specific device or is it only possible to give all users access to a specific device (for example a chromecast device)?

Thanx, John