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Thu, Oct 20, 2016 5:52 AM


Redundancy Election Process in version 200.2

Could you give me some information on how the election process handled for this version?
I want to know how the Unleashed determines who will be the next Master and how long it takes for it to acquire the credit to become the Master. 


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4 years ago

Hi Noel,

   The Unleashed Administrator guide is found by clicking Help in the top/left of your browser window:

   Its recommended to statically assign IP addresses to your APs, with one chosen as the Management IP
so you can always reach the active Master AP when you open a browser (or define a local DNS hostname).
Assign static IPs outside of the DHCP scope used for clients.

   The internals of new Master AP selection is complex, but instantaneous in release 200.2 and later.