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Fri, Aug 17, 2018 8:58 AM


R710|How to configure unleashed device to allow a single device per user account

Is there a way to  configure unleashed device  to allow a single device per user account




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3 years ago

Yes, you can achieve your goal of restricting one device per user. The way to do is as follows.

1.     Login to Unleashed UI using admin credentials

2.     Click on “WiFi Networks”

3.     Click on the WLAN in which you want to restrict one device per user

4.     Click on “Edit” button at the top

5.     Click on “Show Advanced Options” at the bottom

6.     Under ‘Zero-IT & DPSK’ tab (the first one that automatically opens) enable the checkbox “Enable Dynamic PSK with < 62 > character phrase. The 62 characters can be changed to lower value.

7.     Enable “Limit D-PSK generation per user to 1 device” and click “OK”

8.     When you go back to the Dashboard screen, click “Admin & Services”

9.     Click “Services -> Dynamic PSK”

10.  Click “Generate” button on y our right.

11.  Handoff those keys to your users.


With these, you not only be able to achieve only one user per device but also the network is more secure as everyone’s passphrase / PSK different

 Hope it helps!