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Tue, Mar 6, 2018 8:15 AM

R510 unleashed problem with static ip

Hello, i've some problems with 3 R510 Unleashed with static IP address. If i realize the unleashed network with DHCP address working very good but if i set the static ip address on every AP when the network restarts the devices don't go up anymore. Can you help me? If i set the network with the first AP as Gateway i don't see problem...Thanks




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3 y ago

i setup unleashed network on static IP's only and let the users get the IP's via DHCP from LAN.
what do you mean network restart?..
ideally the AP's are supposed to operate behind the gateway and not as a gateway itself
my ideal toplogy is internet ---> router/firewall/DHCP/DNS/GW --> switch ---> unleashed WiFI network
this has worked ok for me.. no phone calls :)

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