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Fri, Dec 25, 2020 5:12 PM


I had a technician come and setup the Ruckus 510 that came with my Lennar house. I forgot the login information for the app. How do I reset the information?


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2 months ago

Check to see if he wrote it on the back of the access point.  I doubt he left it as the default which he may have.   If you can't get it, you'll need to factory default them and set them up again.  


Dave Raines

Osbee Industries, Inc.

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2 months ago


From Unleashed Firmware 200.8 onwards there is the option to Set Up Password Recovery  and Security email and security question will be used to verify your identity if you forget your password or username.

If the technician does not configure it from the beginning, I am afraid that you will have to give Factory Reset from your Access Point.


best regards and good luck

Official Rep


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2 months ago

Hi Gilbert,

Try below creds. If still cant access, follow the steps for password recovery or factory reset and reconfigure the Unleashed.

admin Lennar
admin lennar
admin Ruckus
admin ruckus
admin Ruckus!
admin Ruckus1
admin admin
admin password


Syamantak Omer