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Fri, Jan 12, 2018 3:30 PM

Is there a way in the GUI to schedule a nightly reboot of the R510?


I have a client that uses a feature on their existing APs to schedule a reboot of the APs at a specific time every night.   They want that feature on their next APs.  I was thinking of putting in 4 or 5 R510s but am not sure if they have that feature.   THey don't want to schedule times that the APs are not accessible, they want them to reboot.


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3 years ago

I don't know of a feature on existing APs that schedule a reboot... The client must have some
script that executes an AP CLI 'reboot' command to perform this function.  Please ask your
client for more details on how they're doing this now, and I'm pretty sure new R510s will function
the same as existing APs.