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Tue, Jan 19, 2016 3:37 AM

Does Unleashed R600 support SmartMesh?

I saw the original webinar regarding the Unleashed products several months ago but do not recall if the Unleashed platform supports SmartMesh?  

I have an upcoming project and I'm debating to go with ZD + R700 for now and allow easy upgrade path if the client wants an additional AP.  Or do I go with two Unleashe R600 now.  Not sure if I can get a Cat5 cable to second AP location just yet which is why I am asking about the SmartMesh.




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5 years ago

The answer 3 days ago would have been "no", but Unleashed 200.1.x just got released and it supports SmartMesh!
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5 years ago

Correct, see the Unleashed 200.1 Release Notes.

As of about 10 minutes ago, all current Unleashed networks that perform an upgrade will load

This is the new Unleashed 200.1 GA now on the Cloud server.  Individual firmware will be available tomorrow Tue (1/18/16)

For R500, R600, T300, T300e, T300n, T300s (only for now).