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Sun, Feb 5, 2017 4:39 PM


Do we have R700 unleashed?

I would like to ask about R700 unleashed firmware that I don't see in download list, Anyone please share? or we can use other model instead?


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4 years ago

Currently the R700 does not support unleashed firmware. The following products can be used in an unleashed network:

ZoneFlex Unleashed R710
 ZoneFlex Unleashed R510
 ZoneFlex Unleashed H510
 ZoneFlex Unleashed R600
 ZoneFlex Unleashed R500
 ZoneFlex Unleashed R310
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T710
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T710s
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T300
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T300e
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T301n
 ZoneFlex Unleashed T301s

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4 years ago

Anyone please suggest , Can we use low model like a R500 with Unleashed Firmware controlled R700 5 unit?

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4 years ago

R700 can be controlled only by a ZD1100, ZD1200 and SZ platflorms. Since R700 is NOT unleashed hence it cannot be managed by another Unleashed AP like R500 etc..

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2 years ago

I am also an owner of an R700.

I'm very disappointed to hear that the R700 is not supporting unleashed yet - please add this.

I am looking to buy some new APs, but I am concerned about the way Ruckus has abandoned its R700 user base like this.

It is especially surprising to see the R500 and R600 units supporting unleashed while they were the lower end products - I paid over $1000 for my R700 and I expect better long term support from Ruckus.

Thanks, -mark