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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 9:14 AM

BUG: Unleashed wifi client broadcast UDP on wlan0 never reaches the LAN from Tempest Weather station wifi HUB

Ruckus unleashed, R610 master and 2nd joined AP model R600.
Tempest Weather station wifi HUB joined to wifi wlan0 on 2.4 GHz. It automatically spits out broadcast packets to UDP 50222, but WeeWX weather software on LAN (same subnet) never sees the broadcast traffic. Firewall (OPNsense on same subnet) also shows no broadcast traffic from Tempest wifi HUB.
Wireshark pcap from Ruckus AP R610 show broadcasts are being made but they never reach the LAN.


Advanced options on unleashed wifi;

  • No layer 2 MAC ACL set
  • No Layer3/4 ACL set
  • No device policy set
  • Everything under "Wireless Client Isolation" unticked

Tempest Wifi HUB on wifi, vlan 1

WeeWx software on LAN cable VLAN1 and firewall on VLAN 1, all same subnet.

Everything can ping one antother, Tempest Wifi HUB is posting weather data to the internet

I'm thinking a Ruckus unleashed bug is blocking UDP broadcast traffic to the LAN.


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2 months ago

Maybe try turning off directed multicast in CLI?

if that doesn’t work or is not acceptable, I fear one would need to do some packet captures to see how igmp joins are propagating, etc.

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2 months ago

Hi Steven,

As suggested by Raymond, try disabling directed multicast.

For more information refer below KBA link.


Syamantak Omer