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Mon, Oct 30, 2017 9:57 PM

Announcement: Unleashed (KRACK fix) is Available on Support


   Ruckus Unleashed online server has been updated to to provide this release
for your online network upgrades.  If you have isolated Unleashed networks, you can manually
upgrade with the AP image of your Master AP.  Here are links to Unleashed 200.5 GA Refresh
Release Notes, SNMP MIB reference guide, and AP image .zip file now available on Support.

Ruckus Unleashed 200.5 (GA Refresh) Release Notes (KRACK fix):\


Ruckus Unleashed 200.5 (GA Refresh) SNMP Reference Guide:


Ruckus Unleashed AP (GA Refresh) Software Release(.zip) (KRACK fix):



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3 years ago

r600 brush Unleashed delay is very large, is the version of the problem?