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Tue, Mar 10, 2020 9:32 AM


Android keep getting disconnected, reason 4

We have some issues clients randomly disconnected from our Wifi. When they are disconnected, the can reconnect to the network and it's working again.

I have looked in the logs and it seems that the reason is: 

Deleting on VAP   with reason 4,  result 0, roaming 0

Which means: client inactivity - But they are not...

Our set up is:

Ruckus Unleashed
11 AP (R510)
Fast BSS Transition is disable
Radio Resource Management  is disable
Inactivity Timeout: 500 min

Does anyone have any idea?


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8 months ago

I'd have a look at some other timeouts on the mgmt platform as that's a disconnect to do inactivity.

How are the APs managed?