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Mon, Aug 18, 2014 3:30 AM

zf7782 and 2ft radius

I bought a zf7782 for my backyard (overkill I know, but I like toys). I didn't see the 2 foot radius warning until after I installed it. I'm assuming that turning down the transmit power would be enough. Is there anything else I should do to reduce the rf output? Thanks,



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6 years ago

Hi Greg,
Yes, a 7782 outdoor AP is certainly capable of covering a few backyards.
Reducing your individual 2.4 and 5G Tx_power to 1/8th will reduce the range
and should still provide adequate coverage for your family. Elevating your AP,
perhaps to rooftop level, is good for performance, and can assure you of not
being w/in 2 feet?