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Mon, Jan 12, 2015 6:38 AM

ZF7731 - Slow Recovery -


I am investigating an issue for my newly installed 7731 link disconnection and am trying to understand what this "corrected slow recovery" means. Below is from Release notes of and explanation is just one line and difficult to make out the problem fixed.

Corrected slow recovery and queue reordering (ID ER- 1281, ER-1039 and ER-1001) Improved packet loss performance when channel congestion occurs.

Good problem description of the issue fixed would be a good starting point.




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6 years ago

The fixes all pertain to recovering a 7731 link that is affected by heavy interference. code has a higher threshold to tolerate missed beacons, so the NRB will
not disconnect. We will also recover from stuck beacons faster, and may re-order
packets in the rx_queue to help speed things up. Those are the underlying changes
implemented to improve/speed-up affected 7731 link recovery.