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Sat, Sep 7, 2013 4:28 PM

Wireless Mesh Network Multi-hop Problem

Hi, I have a ZoneDirector 1100 and 6 APs ZoneFlex 7762 working as outdoor mesh network.
The problem is that for each time we add one hop the SpeedFlex declines for 1/10 !

For exemple: the root AP has speed of connection of 200Mbs, than for the AP that connects to this one (1 hop) the speed of connection is 22Mbs ish and for the third (2 hops) the speed of connection is 5Mbs.

What should we do ? How to avoid these losses ? How to optimize my network ?


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7 years ago

Hi Paulo. Sorry to hear about the trouble.

What version of ZoneFlex are you running?
What is the result if you connect to the wired port on the AP's?
Do you see any packet loss (run a ping test)?
Your mesh links use the 5Ghz band which requires proper distance planning for the mesh nodes (and limited interference from walls, etc). Have you tested with the nodes in close proximity?

This Best Practice guide should also help -

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7 years ago

Did you do a spectrum analisys?