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Thu, Feb 21, 2019 9:32 AM

T310c Mesh range

Dear all, Do some one know what is the T310c mesh range? I mean up to how many meters you can mesh with this Outdoor AP? There is nothing in the datasheet about the coverage range.


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2 years ago

Try to 40-50 m. 5G less than 2G.



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2 years ago

Hi Mamadou,

If you're able to use 5GHz in your region then this is much preferable to use for meshing, especially if you can use 40MHz channel spacing for high-speed data throughput.

With line of sight, an AP<->AP Mesh can extend much further than AP<->Client connectivity and Ihave successfully meshed beyond 1Km with clear line-of-sight.

However, remember the T310c is omni-directional, so not optimised for long-distanace Mesh links.  At maximum output power on 5GHz, I'd recommend no more than 500 metres, with clear line of sight.  Remember the further the link, the lower the data-rate and throughput will be on the link.

If you don't have clear line of sight or have obstructions in the Fresnel Zone, then this will dramatically impact the link throughput or may prevent you from getting a link at all.

I hope that helps,

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2 years ago

Darrel, Thanks a lot.

500m is OK for me. Once more thank you Darrel. It is very clear.

Alexey thank you.

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Hi Mamadou,

500m is too much for outdoor meshing. pls consider the environment and the data output you want to receive. When deploying an outdoor mesh best practice is do an actual survey. Do a signal test, usually you will take 75% of the signal strength of the master AP then that's the maximum distance. If possible 3 hops only when doing a mesh.