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Sat, May 14, 2016 3:43 PM

T301n Rejects default username and password after reset

Dear Sir

We changed 2 units of standalone T301n to unleashed. These devices meshed wirelessly until ZD3000 v9. joined their VLAN and disrupt the Unleashed configurations. Unexpectedly the unleashed master T301n joined the ZD3000, disconnecting the other Meshed T301n.

Now the issues is after we reset these APs, we could no longer accessed APs with super / sp-admin, nor the with the ZD username / password.

Please, how do we now log directly into these 301n APs


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5 years ago

Hi try Soft reset instead of Hardreset

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5 years ago

Dear Puppie

Thanks for your suggestion. But you know we have been locked out of the devices to have access for soft reset. How do we go about the soft reset, do you suggest we sync with controller, access through the ZD and reset? Please guide us more
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5 years ago

First, isolate the APs and a laptop from your network with the ZD on it.

APs with Unleashed code, will not connect to ZD/SZ, so the T301n might have been captured by the ZD
when they were running 100.x base image originally?

Try to recover one AP at a time.  If you can do a Factory Default, the AP should answer IP address.
Try to login with the Admin uid/pw from the ZD, or with super/sp-admin.  (if not super/sp-admin, you did not do a
factory default, and must have only done a reboot/soft reset)

I suspect the APs are still running ZD release code.  You will want to re-install Unleashed for T300/T301n.

When both APs are on Unleashed, they can be connected to your network, and will not get pulled in by the ZD.
Be aware, Unleashed Master/Standby Master AP role cannot be held by a Mesh AP, only wired Root mode APs.