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Mon, May 1, 2017 9:21 AM

Ruckus P300 keep rebooting

We have Ruckus P300 and we facing issue with the AP, it's keep rebooting all the time, sometimes it go UP for one minute and it's down again, before it's working fine and no issue with it. but now the device keep rebooting all day 
P300 connected to switch support PoE & PoE+

can any one help us with to solve this issue. 



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4 years ago

Hi Ahmed,

I would first check with another PoE switch or power adapter and see if its says on.

Second when the AP is up, try to get the AP support log via CLI you need to type support and then support show

Create a case with Ruckus support to have the AP support log looked at.

Kind regards

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4 years ago

thanks Martin,