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Sat, Jan 23, 2021 1:33 AM

P300 Bridges do they pass VLAN

We have a requirement to use a wireless bridge to link to networks.  BOth networks consist of a single switch at each location with the same 5 vlans.    Location A has the internet access. Will the P300 allow us to pass vlan tagged traffic across the bridge?


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a month ago

Hi Atlanticitnet_support,

Yes, it does pass vlan tags.


Abilash PR.

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a month ago

Yes, it will work.

You just need be sure on which device you route this 5 VLANs, is switch doing so, or it will be work of ISP router... In case if in both locations routing is done by local switch, you'll need to change it, as bridge provides L2 connectivity, and it is not  a good idea to have both L3 switches  (working as routers) connected in parallel.