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Sun, Nov 10, 2013 3:33 PM

Network bridge using two 7761-CM's ?

I'm looking for a way to cover more distance than the 100m for utp, using coax. I have access to a 7761-CM, but lack the coax knowledge.

- Is it possible to connect another 7761-CM to the other end of the coax to create a network bridge?
If yes:
- How do I do this, do I need special coax terminators, special settings?
- How much distance could I cover this way?
- What do I need to insert power into the coax to power one, or maybe two of these CMAP's?
- Can I even connect a different DOCSIS modem to the other end?



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7 years ago

This would not be a supported configuration for a 7761-CM.

How about a simple ethernet repeater?

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7 years ago

Yes, a simple ethernet repeater would work, a dsl line also covers more distance. I was just wondering about new or different solutions, and we saw the specs of the 7761-CM, so that's what triggered the question.
Also, the 7761 will still work, even if the temperature drops significantly. And it looks cool... pretty lights...