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Tue, Jun 3, 2014 9:21 PM

Mesh Roaming Problems

Is it possible to set the roaming threshold, and if so.....where exactly? Current roaming on a small 7762-s mesh takes about 30-40 seconds to do handover....


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6 years ago

Hello Christo Greeff,

With limited info, i would like to say that "When to roam, where and FAST to roam as such is a decided by STA or client driver. Nothing in control of controller or AP. More on this in below URL

Some chip maker like intel allow the user to alter that behaviour as per their needs which is known as Roaming aggressiveness --

Dell too provide such knobs on their laptops however there are lot of client devices which roam in wireless wilderness with no switch to control it.

Lately Ruckus wireless and other OEM's are also providing some knobs to control it. Aruba has something on the same line as far as i know.

read here -

I hope this help.
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6 years ago

The decision when to roam is soley dependant on client radio driver/supplicant,
using internal algorithms that look at RSSI, interference, and other factors. We
can use higher management frame data rates, ie bss-minrate 5.5, and "encourage"
clients to roam sooner (Ruckus Smart-Roam), but the final decision is up to the
client. Typically, update to latest radio drivers for (hopefully) best behavior.