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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 5:08 PM

how should a Ruckus T310c be mounted?

i haven't been able to locate any documentation which describes how to mount the T310c.

parallel to ground or perpendicular> and recommend height from ground might be helpful as well.


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10 m ago

You can find the mounting instructions in the QSG (Quick Setup Guide) on the support portal here including how to attach on a flat surface, to a pole, how to earth grounding, etc.



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10 m ago

Hi Robert,

As stated in the QSG the standard mounting recommendation is for the T310c/d (omni) AP to be mounted horizontally 'dome down' (parallel to the ground). 

However; as BeamFlex+ has vertically and horizintally polarised antennas; it is also possible to install the AP vertically, IF this suits the deployment type, as it will not give equivalent coverage to a horizontal deployment.

There is no specified recommended height for installation, as this is dependent on the use-case in your deployment. The distance to the client devices you are connecting is the primary consideration factor.



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