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Wed, Jul 17, 2013 3:43 PM


Can the ZoneFlex 7731 802.11n Point to Point Wireless Bridge support 2.4ghz devices?

I just recently installed this device for one of our clients and it worked fine at first, or at least we thought it did(because I connected with an iPhone 5 and Galaxy s4). It wasn't until later that the client noticed a large amount of its guests couldn't pick up the signal. I read up on it and noticed it only supported 5ghz devices. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to change this to support other devices as well?


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7 years ago

ZF7731 is designed to used as a Point to Point bridge, which uses a 5Ghz channel to communicate with the other pair to transmit higher throughput.
The data sheet also specified that there is no 2.4Ghz radio supported.

If your customer requires Outdoor AP access, go for ZF7762 instead.

George Seah

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6 years ago

how do i offload the data from ZF6631 to ZF7762? The ZF7731 has only one ethernet port which i will be using it with PoE to power the unit. If i use the ethernet port to connect to the second AP, ZF7762, i would lhave to use external power?

ZF7731 ---- ZF7731 ->hard wire via CAT5E to ZF7762
Is that possible?

Thanks alot!



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I presume you'll need to POE inject the cable going into the ZF7731, and possible inject the other end going into the 7762 as well? Or use a POE switch and connect the ZF7731 and the ZF7762 to ports on the POE switch.

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Correct. ZF7762 and ZF7731 are mounted outdoor. They need to be powered via PoE injector. So this is why i am not sure if possbile to offload from 7731 to 7762.
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The zf7731 point to multi-point bridge is like an invisible cable in the air.  You
can bridge traffic from one side to the other transparently.  That traffic could be
wired switch traffic with 7731 bridge link between.  It does not accept wireless
client laptop/phone connections.

You can pass traffic from an AP, like the 7762 outdoor AP, across the zf7731
bridge link.  One end of the 7731 PoE power injector goes OUT to AP/Bridge,
and the other end is Network IN.  That Network in can be from a wired switch,
or a *separately* powered 7762 AP (which serves both 2.4g and 5g wireless clients).

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Actually you can just connect ZF7731 to "PoE out" port of ZF7762, than ZF7731 will be powered from it, and you need just one PoE injector to power ZF7762. It is designed exactly for such use, and included with ZF7762 PoE injector is 60W.
The only drawback is that this second port is 100MB/s, not 1GB/s, but it will be enough in most cases.
You can also power both APs from 12V DC or use 2x PoE injectors, if you wish.

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Yes, I agree with Eizens. its doable to power up the ZF7731 from ZF7762's POE out port and you also save on extra poe injector. There real cases where pair ZF7731's where extending the mesh network and working as a backhaul.