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Fri, Jun 5, 2020 4:32 PM


Can T310's be joined with T710's

We currently have 3 T310's installed and would like to expand the network accross the street to another area with T710's Can a T710 be the MASTER and connect with the T310's?


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5 months ago

Hi, T710 and T710s supported Unleashed firmware and you can use this AP as master in Unleashed network.

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5 months ago

Hi Lynn,

As per Deject's post - yes; absolutely!

Different AP model types can be mixed in a single Unleashed deployment, providing they can all run the same version of Unleashed firmware.  Therefore there are some limitations when mixing older model types but in your example, both are 802.11ac Wave 2 models and will benefit from the latest software and features.

You don't have to make the higher-specification APs the Master.  However if you are referring to Ruckus SmartMesh then the different AP models can also Mesh to each other.

Hope that helps,